Too much data, not enough insight? You’re not alone, it’s a common problem with most organisations we have worked with.

Their disparate systems contain vast amounts of data but it’s not in a usable, connected format. Another common problem is that the limited reporting available is difficult to produce, labour-intensive and often out of date.

Our love of Power BI comes from its ability and ease of use. The large overlap with Excel and other Microsoft tools makes it ideal for easily creating insightful reports and dashboards

Some of our recent Power BI projects include:

Improve customer satisfaction

A Net Promoter Score dashboard for a major global scientific equipment company to allow them to easily monitor and improve customer satisfaction across their different brands.

Stock reduction & Accurate Reordering Levels

Stock Replenishment dashboard for a retail organisation, enabling faster, more accurate reordering and reduced stock holding.

Annual Sales Performance Insights

Sales performance dashboard for a retail organisation, offering clear insight of current and year on year progress

Sanitising Customer Data

Customer Data Quality report, allowing fast and easy identification of duplicate customer accounts.

Are you struggling to gain insight from your data and missing the reports and dashboards you need to successfully manage your business? If so, use the form below for a no-obligation telephone consultation to discuss how we can help.