We are big fans of Alteryx here at Positive. The low code, visual workflow capabilities allow us to produce quality output at pace.

One great feature is the ability to easily create your own macros and templates for re-usable content.

Here are some we have created.

WF Info – Enhance Output Data

This one came about from one of our many data migration projects. Alteryx Designer was key to running data cleaning and validation workflows on the source data, which then needed to be shared as spreadsheets with non-Alteryx users for review. Tying the business users’ updates back to the original workflow that produced them was often error-prone and time consuming. This workflow provides a very simple way of fixing that issue. Just connect it before any output tool and it will add the name, directory and date of your workflow as fields at the end of each record. Et Voila! An instant reference back to your workflows.

"WF Info - Enhance Output Data" macro in use

WF Info – Exclude from Input Data

This macro nicely complements the WF Info – Enhance Output Data macro. It will direct the extra information fields created by that macro out to the “WF Source” Anchor


Example of the "WF Info - Exclude from Input Data" macro in use


Both macros are available for download over on the Alteryx public gallery. While you are there, we highly recommend checking out the CReW Macros.