Alteryx Custom Templates are a new feature within release 2023.2

This is the Workflow Template we use at Positive CRM.

Alteryx Workflow Template layout

It’s based on the excellent Ben Moss article Documentation Best Practices with Alteryx, with a couple of tweaks:

  • We use containers as they resize automatically, and when you move them they move all the tools within them. This makes it a lot faster to rearrange and tidy your workflow during revisions.
  • We have added a Versions and updates container, which provides a handy summary of changes over time.
  • Detours for Testing is a tool arrangement we use in developing our workflows. When dropped after an input tool, it very quickly allows you to switch between all records, the first 100 records, or a filter of your choice.

Detours for Testing Tool arrangement

The template is available as a free download from the Alteryx public gallery